Tuesday, 3 May 2011


I won the black Bull competition! along with Georgina Cronshaw and William Davies!! yay!! :) :D excting times!

Monday, 2 May 2011

Pitch Doc

Hello! Well the black bull competition for the Iphone game went up! and im in the final! so yep glad this game got me through! Final presentation is tomorrow! wish me luck!

Btw it was made for it to be printed and binded... 

Thursday, 14 April 2011

SDK Goblin Project

Here's another project from Uni, We were given a model from Polycount and were tasked to texture it... here's mine in UDK... hope you like it :)


SO... Its done!! I've finished my level, and I'm quite happy with it... a few things I had to rush but im generally pleased with the outcome. Learning UDK wasn't as hard as it first seamed to be... but I still feel i have LOOOOOODES to learn... but i can't wait for it! hope you like the vids! tell me what you think about it!! :)
Also... the Black Bull Competition has finished and although i was not in the Top 5, my game Tunngs got an honorable mention and I will still be presenting an idea in order  to compete for the summer Job so i'm very excited about that. Congratulations to Tom, Tasha and will for geting those top 3 places! well done! anyways this post is getting long so yeah! heres the UDK level stuff!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Tileable textures???

So yeah, we got tasked to do some tileable textures... here is what i came up with... nothing too special but they work well :)... they are also shown when put into UDK :)


Well... here is how its looking... nothing to great, just began to texture it... but it will be fully done and playabel very soon :)... its actually already playable but its not exactly pretty haha:

Should say, this is the only bit ive textured for now... the level is actually much much much bigger haha... im also gonna upload the kismet thingy! its how it looks like for now:


Hey again!

I've been working a lot lately, mainly doing my 3D character and my UDK level. Both are progressing good, I am now texturing both.

Here is an update on the character... we were tasked with producing a character that is suposed to be for an existing IP... I chose God of War mainly because I love the game haha... again its all very low poly, but hey i'll probably end up getting into Zbrush with him :)